Friday, May 29, 2020
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Smart TV or TV & Chromecast?

There is such a choice when going out to buy a new TV that you honestly don’t know where to start. In the end after a few weeks of searching for the best deal you just buy the biggest smart TV in your price range because you want to be able to watch Netflix at the flick of a button.

Smart TV’s are handy to be fair and the fact that they have dropped so drastically in price over the last few years is even better. But why would you shell out an extra couple of hundred quid on one when you could buy a normal flatscreen and just stick in a Google Chromecast to make it a smart TV.

Our main problem with a smart TV is that whenever we seem to be watching anything on Netflix or Youtube, the video stops loading, stuck buffering on 25% and then we get a connection error. Anybody who has this happen to them, especially multiple times throughout a 40 minute show knows exactly how infuriating this is. Now a quick Google of the problem brings you into forums discussing everything from changing your DNS to or ensuring that your date and time are correctly set to re-installing the smart hub for a quick fix.

Now these may all be valid solutions for our little problem, but for a TV you just splashed anywhere from 400 to 4000 quid on, you shouldn’t have to go finding quick fixes. The damn thing should just work the way it was intended.

This is where Google Chromecast comes in. For about 40 quid(Check Price) you can turn any normal TV into a smart TV! Not only that but this is a smart TV that you control with your phone and doesn’t disconnect from the internet or give you errors halfway through a season finale.

The casting from your phone is spot on, the Netflix user interface is perfect and playing anything on Youtube is as easy as hitting play in the app. Much simpler to use and a hell of a lot more responsive then a smart TV’s clunky remote controlled user interface. Now this isn’t to say Chromecast isn’t without its drawbacks. It does occupy a HDMI port and if you’re using Youtube then you can’t do anything else on your phone, but these are only minor inconveniences as compared to the drawbacks of a smart TV.

If you didn’t guess by now, we here think there is only one real option when looking to connect a TV to the web. Considering the fact that it will be cheaper, easier to use and no connection problems, getting a normal TV and a Chromecast is really the only option. Just make sure you buy a TV with a couple of HDMI ports and your lit!