Friday, May 29, 2020
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Flyability- Crash Proof drones

Drones are one of the biggest product to come out in the last few years. They have a very broad appeal ranging from work to entertainment. They offer convenient solutions to many of our common problems. That is all good, but this convenience does not come cheap, and then controlling them is not easy. One small fall can cost you thousands of dollars. 

To tackle this problem, a company by the name of Flyability has come out with a revolutionary product named Elios. According to them, this drone is crash proof and can be operated even in harsh conditions.

Let us take a closer look at this device to see if it is what they say or is it just another entry to in the saturated market of drones.

Device Overview

According to Flyability, the ELIOS is world’s first collision-tolerant done, it is able to inspect and explore areas that were difficult to access. It can easily maneuver around complex spaces even thanks to a set of hightech onboard features.

Safety Features

Safety features are the primary differentiating factor between this and all other drones in the market. This drone comes with remote visual inspection features for use in indoor environments. It eliminates the need of a user to access any dangerous location for obtaining any data.

Another main security feature is the addition of a protective frame. The protective frame allows it to tolerate any collision at speeds of up to 15km/hr. This feature allows the drone to access complex and tight locations that were not accessible for drones of the past. This product bounces and rolls on obstacles to find its way.

Time and Cost Saving

This drone saves both your money and time. The product can be deployed and can start gathering visuals within a minute. The entire inspection that used to take days can be completed in just a few minutes.

In addition, you are no longer required to buy expensive equipment for performing the inspection. All of the work can be done via the drone without the requirement of any extra tools.


The Elios makes use of a 1080p camera, a thermal camera, and onboard lightening to provide you with the best possible results in any lighting situation. The drone also utilizes state of the art wireless communication systems to provide highquality video feedback to the operator hundreds of meters away from the line of sight even in harsh conditions. 

The internals is dust and splash resistant and the product can be used in environments between 0 and 50degree Centigrade. The manufacturer along with the drone also provides you with a tablet and a ground control application for viewing the flight data. The modular design allows the user to access and modify different components with great ease. The batteries are also user replaceable and can be replaced within seconds.

Flight Data

The flight data from the ELIOS can easily be accessed and modified. The data is stored on the micro SD card. All of the flight data, the thermal videos and specified points of interest are stored on a dedicated SD card.