Friday, May 29, 2020
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The Xbox One X is inching ever closer to release

Just as many thought that One S was the best thing that Microsoft could offer to gamers for the years to come, they dropped the bomb. Out came the Microsoft Xbox One X, the new flagship of the Microsoft lineup that offered a great set of improvements over its predecessors. The Xbox One X offers 40% more computing power than any other current gen gaming console on the market.

Billed as the most powerful gaming console of the world, this device comes with a powerful 8-core AMD Processor clocked in at about 2.3GHz. This is the fastest CPU ever put inside a gaming console. Others specs improvements include 12GB of DDR5 RAM and a six Teraflop GPU. All these specifications allow the device to support true 4k and HDR content. As we know that “With great power comes great heat”, to resolve the issue the console comes with an integrated liquid cooling solution.

The device is expected to retail at a price of €499, this price tag may seem a bit too steep to some. However, one has to keep in mind that it is much more than a cosmetic upgrade to the Xbox One S, it’s a complete overhaul aimed at the upper tier of gamers who want to experience the latest and greatest form of technology.

Let us compare it with some of its predecessors and competitors to see exactly how big of an improvement it is:

CPU and GPU Upgrades

The CPU and GPU departments both see an upgrade in the One X. The CPU power is up 44% from 8 core 1.75GHZ in the original and One S to 8 core 2.4GHZ in the One X. This upgrade puts it above all other competitors including the base PS4 and PS4 pro whose 8 core processors are clocked at 1.6Ghz and 2.1GHz respectively. Both the processors of Xbox One X and PS4 Pro are based on a 16nm architecture resulting in better efficiency.

The GPU department of the One X sees the biggest overhaul. The GPU now comes with a whopping 6 Teraflops of performance. The GPU is aided in operation by 40 compute units with each clocked at 1.17 GHz. These upgrades now allow the device to handle true 4k and HDR content with great ease. Moreover, this a significant leap over the 1.4 Teraflop GPU present inside the One S. The closest competitor in terms of raw GPU performance is the PS4 pro with a GPU that is capable of just 4.2 Teraflops of performance.

RAM and Storage Upgrades

One of the complaints that developers and general consumers had with the Xbox One was the lack of a fast GDDR5 RAM, its closest competition the Sony PS4 came with 8GB of GDDR5 RAM whereas this came with 8GB of DDR3 ram with a much lower bandwidth. This issue has been addressed with this new model of the console as the new One X comes with 12GB of highspeed GDDR5 Ram with a bandwidth of up to 326GB/s.

The storage capacity has not been changed much. The device comes with a one Terabyte HDD. What has changed though is the bandwidth of the storage. The bandwidth is up from 40MB/s in the base Xbox One to 60MB/s in the Xbox One X.

Power Consumption and Heat Management

Thanks to the use of latest 16nm fabrication technology, the power consumption is down quite a bit. The device is able to work more efficiently now. The manufacturer claims maximum power consumption of 245w, this number is lower than the one of its closest competition i.e. the PS4 Pro that is rated at 310w.

The heat management and cooling systems on the One X are unlike any other current gen console. The Xbox one X instead of relying on conventional cooling fans opts for a liquid cooling solution. The liquid-cooled vapor chamber on the One X uses a small volume of liquid to disperse the heat. This is a first in the world of gaming consoles, all other consoles currently on the market rely on conventional fan-based heat management systems.


All the specs upgrades mentioned above do not matter even a tiny bit if there is no game that makes proper use of them. To counter this issue, Microsoft have confirmed that more than 60 current and upcoming titles will run at an optimized 4k resolution on the Xbox One X. Even if you don’t have 4k TVs, you can still notice the improvement in quality as the device comes with super sampling which makes your favourite titles look even better on a conventional 1080p screen.

Pricing and Conclusion

All of the upgraded numbers on the product listing page look great instead of one, and that one is the pricing. This Console is the most powerful and most expensive gaming console coming to the market. The closest competition in the form of a PS4 pro even goes for 100$ less.

However, that has to be expected as almost each component of the device has been updated. The processing power, RAM, the GPU, the heat management system have all been upgraded to provide better performance and improved efficiency. All the features combined make it well worth the price, but the market is yet to be tested.

For casual gamers, the base Xbox One S and PS4 slim would still be great buys as in this price they can get the console along with multiple games as well. Those looking for an upgrade or those who want to dive into the world of 4K gaming should seriously consider this device. The €100 price hike over the PS4 pro though is still a question that many people will be asking at the time of the release. Now, it all depends upon the amount and quality of content available for the device. 

The current stats show a positive picture, the device pre orders have outpaced any other Xbox console pre orders in the past. The console will be released on seventh of November. The console wars are well and truly alive and with the arrival of Xbox One X, there is a new contender for the crown.