Friday, May 29, 2020
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The Xbox One S – What’s the big fuss?

One of Microsoft’s biggest releases from E3 was the unveiling of the new Xbox One, the Xbox One S. Now you might be wondering, why should I get the Xbox One S when I already have an Xbox One? Well Microsoft have answered that question with a whole host of upgrades to the original Xbox One (along with making it white).

Firstly, the overall size has reduced by 40%. That might seem trivial, but when you see them side by side like below. The Xbox One S is a hell of a lot more compact, neater and aesthetically pleasing than its predecessor. With the ability to stand it up on its side, the Xbox One s takes up as little room as possible.

Inside the Xbox One S comes packed full of memory with a massive 2TD harddrive. Gone are the days where you have to uninstall a game just so you can get the latest update for Halo. Microsoft has also got rid of the massive external power supply that sits behind your current Xbox One by somehow managing to fit it inside the Xbox One S.

Another handy little feature is the inclusion of an IR Blaster. For those of you that don’t know, InfraRed (IR) is what your remotes use to turn on your TV’s, Verizon and Sky boxes. With the Xbox One S built in IR blaster you are now able to configure your Xbox One S to turn on all these devices.

In order to make the games you play more vibrant and gorgeous than ever, High Dynamic Range technology gives a higher contrast between lights and darks bringing out unbelievable visual depth in games it’s deployed in. If that’s not enough, then the Xbox One S’s capability of powering 4K HD video content makes binge watching your favourite Netflix series better looking than ever.

Last but not least the Xbox One S comes with a brand new and improved controller. With textured grips on the back to give you a more controlled hold on the pad and the introduction of Bluetooth for wireless connectivity to PCs, the new Xbox One S controller really is an upgrade on the original.

So there you have it, Microsoft’s new addition to the Xbox family. Is it worth upgrading to, well we definitely think it is! The only problem is that we will have to wait until August 31st to get our hands on one.

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