Friday, May 29, 2020
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Boats in the future are gonna look weird!

Just look at that thing! It’s like a spaceship had sex with a pyramid and what came out was some fancy ass yacht that hovers above the water.

From the designers at Schwinge Yachts, the HYSWAS Tetrahedron Super Yacht is a conceptual super yacht with a pyramid-shaped body that lift’s itself above the water line at high speeds.

At low speeds, the Tetra glides on the water line using three hydrofoil hulls on its underside. Once it has picked up speed, the extendable torpedo-shaped strut pushes down into the water which in turn elevates the vessel giving the impression that it is floating on the water.

When stationary the yacht then shows its class with sections of the sides folding down to give an enlarged deck area and panels emerging overhead for shade from the sun.

Now all we need is about a billion quid and somewhere to go!