Friday, May 29, 2020
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Who’s iPhone needs more juice and style?

There’s nothing worse than when you phone run’s out of battery halfway through watching it’s always sunny on the bus/train home from work. Well we can think of one thing that is definitely worse and that is dropping your expensive ass moby onto the floor and seeing the screen smashed into a million pieces!

But what if there was an accessory that could prevent both of these from happening and all without making your phone chunkier then the box it came in.

Introducing the [Double Memory Tornado Air Battery Case]. LINK


Available for all of you iPhone 6/6Plus/6S/6SPlus owners. This battery case is ridiculously thin adding only 3.8mm of thickness to your iPhone. Which is about as thin as an OtterBox Symmetry case but with the added extra of 120% battery life for your iPhone.

Simple and easy to put on. Simple and easy to charge. Nice and thin to keep your Iphone pleasing on the eye. What more could you want.