Friday, May 29, 2020
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Another KickStarter Gem – The Superbook

At this stage nearly everyone knows that smartphones have more computing power than what sent man to the moon.

But with all of this technological advancement, a smartphone is still limited to what you can do on a pocket-sized touchscreen. This isn’t berate that, some of the things possible with a phone where unthinkable 20 years ago. Just take a look at this.

However, some still want more. This is where the Superbook comes in. In essence, a smartphone is just a small, powerful ass computer with a touchscreen attached for convenience. In order to really make use of the computer you have resting in your pocket, the folk over in Andromium have developed a shell of a laptop that uses your phone to power it.

The Superbook provides the typical laptop interface that we are accustomed to. An 11.6 inch HD screen, keyboard, multi-touch trackpad, about 8 hours of battery and the ability to charge your phone. Then to actually use it as a laptop you simply plug your Android smartphone into the usb port.

This launches the Andromium app which allows the Superbook to run like a typical laptops operating system. Granted it’s not Microsoft Windows, but the Andromium OS is incredibly intuitive in what you can do with it. Using the PlayStore, Andromiuim can run millions of Android apps like Chrome, Gmail and Microsoft Office. The Superbook also uses your smartphones WiFi, 4G and Bluetooth for internet and wireless connectivity. This turns it from a fancy shell into a truly practical on-the-go laptop.

In Andromium’s own words – “Think of it as the ultimate accessory for your smartphone”

Maybe their right, but one thing we’re definitely sure of is that all of this for $99 really is a bargain.