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Top 5 Fitbit’s to track your moving ass!

In this day and age tracking your fitness level’s is the simplest and most rewarding way to see results in your quest towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. With the massive amount of products already out there, it can be difficult to know what is right for you. Luckily we’re here to help. Since its creation in 2007 – Fitbit has become one of the leading health and fitness wearables in the market. Each Fitbit is packed full of power in a sleek and minimalistic design to allow you to monitor your healthy lifestyle without even realising it. From tracking step’s and pace to your heart-rate and sleep cycle, Fitbits are the easiest way to achieve your goals. Everybody however is different in their approach to getting fitter, from your hardcore athlete to you casual walker Fitbit has developed a family of products to suit anyone and everyone.

  • The Flex

The entry level wristband in Fitbits range, don’t get us wrong though! This fancy bit of kit still packs one hell of a punch for exceptional value. If you’re looking for a slim and stylish wristband that you won’t even notice on your wrist then the Flex is the one for you. By tracking steps taken, distance, calories burned, daily activity and your sleep pattern, the Flex gives a small taste of what is achievable by tracking your daily activity. Boasting a battery life of 5-days on a single charge, water-resistant, wireless syncing to your smartphone or computer and a progress LED display to see how close you are to achieving your daily goals makes the Flex one of the best value for money fitness trackers out there.

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  • The Alta

One of Fitbits latest offerings to the world of fitness tracking, the Alta encompasses style and functionality in a sleek wristband with a full OLED touchscreen display. Along with all the features of the Flex like tracking distance, steps, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and sleep tracking, the Alta’s touchscreen display gives you instant access to your stats, the time and your smartphone notifications with just a tap. The Alta also includes friendly reminders to move in order to help you stay active. Also SmartTrack automatically recognizes and records your workouts, all without ever having to push a button. All in all, the Alta is a very functional mid-range tracker that is made for the more casual user who is looking for all the benefits of tracking their fitness without breaking the bank.

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  • The Charge HR

We jumped straight to the Charge HR and left out the basic Charge because for the sake of 20 quid, the added heart rate monitor is a must have. Along with all the standard features that the previous fitbits come with, the Charge HR goes one better than these by incorporating a continuous heart rate monitor. This useful tool monitors your pulse using an optical sensor on the back of the wristband. This tracks your heart rate continuously throughout the day and all without the need for wearing an uncomfortable chest strap. The small OLED screen gives you all your stats at the push of a button. This includes call notifications, current heart rate, time/date, steps and calories burned to name a few. For a day to day activity tracker that includes a heart rate monitor you can’t really get better than the Charge HR for the price.

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  • The Blaze

Fitbit have finally tried to get a foot into the smartwatch category and they have made a strong statement with the Blaze. The modern and sleek design along with its gorgeous colour display makes the Blaze a very viable option to actually replacing your watch. Packed with all that you have come to expect in a Fitbit, including the heart rate monitor, the Blaze’s display is the standout upgrade from the rest. With connected GPS, call, text and calendar alerts AND music control, the Blaze is the perfect companion for your smartphone. If this however is not enough for you, then the on-screen workouts with FitStar are sure to do the trick. Packed full of pre-loaded short workouts, the Blaze really is the perfect tool for getting you fit.

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  • The Surge

The thing that sets the Surge apart from the rest is really the built in GPS tracking. While it includes everything from all the rest of Fitbits range, including your all-day activity to phone notifications and music control as well as a long battery life (up to 7 days) and the built in heart rate monitor. You are really only paying extra for the GPS tracking. The black and white touchscreen display isn’t as nice as the Blaze, however the simple design and layout make it easy to use.  For a high-end activity tracker that doubles as a GPS watch monitoring your runs, you can’t really go wrong with the Surge. It’s robust design and powerful features make it a great accessory for the casual runner who likes to keep an eye on their day to day progress to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

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